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The Summer Polish language course, 2022

The course, financed by the National Agency for Academic Exchange, will be held on 25.07 - 14.08.2022 at the University of Natural Sciences and Humanities in Siedlce. As part of the course, we provide free accommodation and meals as well as a block of language and cultural activities.

This year's summer Polish language course is a continuation of the Polish language summer schools that we have been organizing at the University of Natural Sciences and Humanities in Siedlce for over 20 years.
This year it is the XXIII edition of the UPH Summer School of Polish Language in Siedlce.
We invite foreigners - students and scientists to spend 3 fantastic weeks learning about the Polish language, culture, traditions and cuisine.
The detailed program of the course includes:
- 60 hours of Polish language lessons
- 30 hours of additional classes (including: culinary workshops, art workshops)
- sightseeing tours (including Siedlce, Warsaw)
- integration events (e.g. rope park, Evening of Cultures)
We provide amazing experiences and fun.
Applications are accepted on the application form until June 17, 2022.
The completed form should be sent to the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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